t Thank you for visiting *JFK Townhall of Birthplace Michelstadt, Germany *since 1484 Please click on pic to Company KOZIOL Web Design About Videos Web Samples Ancestors Home Look where I’m from Johanna’s Ancestors On top my Grandparents: Johannes Stracke (Rittmeister - Cavalry Captain) Nov. 8, 1878 - † Jan. 15, 1947 and Sophie Stracke May 19, 1888 - † May 22, 1970 * Sitting on the Bench: * My Great Grand Parents: Johann Friedrich Mueller (Baeckermeister - Master Baker) and Great Grand Mother Katharina Mueller, born Schuck 3 Stracke Girls (Aunt) Hedwig (My Mother) Gertrud (Aunt) Elisabeth Oma Sophie Stracke, born Mueller and her Cavalry Captain Johannes Stracke Oma Sophie Stracke and her first-born Elisabeth *5.18.1911  Oma Johanna Koziol, born Schuck Master Potter Bernhard Koziol 1907 She had to wear a black wedding dress because she was pregnant with Bernhard jr. Portrait from happy days: Bernhard Josef Koziol Johanna Koziol  My Godmother † Jan. 5. 1958 Oma Johanna Koziol and Baby Johanna (yup, that would be me) HISTORY The company’s unique history is closely linked to the Koziol family. In 1912, the father of founder Bernhard Koziol established the Erbach craft pottery; in 1927 Bernhard opened his own ivory carving workshop. History traces the evolution of the three-man enterprise into the successful firm it is today Potter Grandpa † March 1928 Opa Bernhard Josef Koziol sr. on a turn table, ca. 1905 in St. Anaberg, Silesia A very accomplished Master Potter who worked for Royalties and developed a distinctive UNIQUE style and over glaze. To this date nobody is able to copy it. 1927 / 28 On November 27th 1927, 19-year-old Bernhard Koziol has his ivory carving business registered. At the workbench beside the iron stove he creates classical floral and animal motifs in ivory. (Picture: B.K. on the right) Father's ID / Pass as certified IVORY CARVER of the Chamber of Trade/Crafts Sept. 29th 1938   One of the FIRST injection molding machines approx. 1940s   Extended factory in Michelstadt, Odenwald, (looks more like a Sanatorium) with the boss' Volkswagen Beetle in front, flowers everywhere... ca. 1940 On top left... my mother on the steps of the Michelstadt factory Sister: Edith, *May 5, 1938 ME !!! Brother: Bernhard jr. *Oct. 23, 1940 † Nov. 16, 1998 1942 Mother Gertrud Koziol, son Bernhard and first born Edith New arrival: Johanna ‘Ouch, now we have to share!’ Here came Baby Johanna Edith's First Communion 1947 A 3rd girl, Rita, arrived 1948 Shame on me I have no picture I hope she will send me one 1952 One is missing here still in Mother’s belly Check out the tag: American Hessen 79-4720 Father Koziol in his new 1952 Mercedes 300 Convertible There were just 2 of them in Germany and one was the German Chancellor's, the so called ADENAUER-Mercedes All 5 have arrived * Christmas 1952 All ‘in the Family’ My 1st Communion Carnival Feb 1950 I was a Hungarian Girl Yep, I went to school too! Find me? Oil Painting Father 1955 Bernhard Koziol (Master Ivory Carver) *May 30, 1908 † Nov. 9, 1996 Gertrud Koziol, born Stracke *March 16, 1915 † June 21, 1998 Koziol Agents in front of the Company Building (I remember them all) Bust B. Koziol Copper B. Koziol Did you know that the "Snow Globe" / Dream Globe® was invented and developed in Germany by my father, Bernhard Koziol Sr. the Ivory Carver? Then and Now <---- This is my sister Edith being Carnival Princess  The Koziol Mercedes in Fastnacht / Carnival Parade, carrying the Prince and Princess 1959 Carnival in my Hometown Meeting of Agents and the 'Boss' - approx. 1964 ... they also loved to party! From left to right around the table: Rolf Fath (my hubby to be) *1943 † 1977 Mr. & Mrs. Knapp; Richard Fath † 1971; my mother Gertrud † 1996; Gretel Fath (my mother-in-law) † 2008; Ellen Fath; Mr. Frey; my sister Edith, and our 'pearl-maid' Sophie. Bernhard Koziol sr. (highly amused) in the back. Johanna & Bernhard jr. admiring the new Beetle Volkswagen 1951 To the Future Here it goes PS - I’m also an on line seller * Need some neat gift ideas? I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone:  Click on ME Andy Warhol meets Koziol Johanna & Father, admiring - "Hooray-finally"- another brother & SON because we already were 3 girls and only one 'heir to the Throne'. Stephan's arrival 1952 Right Here A Little More About ME Follow My Blog Story about My Father, the Ivory Carver
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