There, put me to work! here Please, e-mail I’m also an online seller * Need some neat gift ideas? I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone:  Follow My Blog Get an individual Custom Video Creation For Your Booth or Store Get your business out and known! I can help you. People love to see moving things and hear appealing music. I will provide music too - it must be something that doesn't fall under royalties Using pictures from your booth, store, website editing and cropping them, I include any text you want, creating signs for you to be featured. I'd like to tell a little Story about you - just let me know! It got to be short though, short enough that people can read it during the Video. Note: I can only get out of your pictures what YOU put in. But usually I can do small miracles I just love to be creative and be assured this is quite a long process. Usually it takes me 2 full days and meticulously millimeter work; I cut most of your pictures out, I combine them and create little art works for you.  Shopping at BaySide Betty’s Vintage Postcards by Karoden Coin Market Place These are a few Video samples of over 90 that I’ve created so far - it’s only $59.00 (instead of $250.00 - it takes me up to 3 days) Here’s another angle - an idea for you: I now can take the digital pictures that you have assembled and themed (i.e. Birthday, Wedding, Vacation, Anniversary etc.) and produce a slick Keepsake DVD/movie complete with custom titles and background music.   A Keepsake DVD would be $65.00 including S&H, shipped right to your door. If you wish I also can publish it on YouTube so that you easily can send it around and show off to your family and friends. Just like THIS one I’d send you a PayPal invoice - it can’t get easier than that.  Now you finally have a great way to save, show and gift those digital pictures on your camera, cell phone, computer or any other photo recording devices you have About Videos Old Corner Store Pennies are falling from Heaven Promo at it’s Best Purple Iris Promo for an eBay Store Stroll with me through my Home Town in Germany Ye Old Jewelry Shoppe Thank you for visiting *JFK Web Design About Videos Web Samples Ancestors Home Your One Stop Shop for Bling First Variety Store on the Moon
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