I would LOVE to create your Personal- or Business Web Site  I’m just happy when I can be creative and ‘give birth’ to something new on my PC   Now, let's get started! * Here’s an idea of what the cost would be              *** We always can talk to meet your budget *** A simple Website for private use w/ pictures, links, e-mail: $75.00 PER page Advanced Site for your business: $350.00 and up Weekly updated, inserts and maintenance : $12.00 / month Video incl. picture editing: $185.00 (on site) Music (probably need to buy more space): $10.00 RESTAURANTS including Menus: $550.00 Musicians Website: $250.00 and up (or down !) Calendar constant updates and maintenance: $12.00 / month Stores: $500.00 and up Now, lets work together, shall we? Contact me here  Thank you for visiting *JFK Web Design About Videos Web Samples Ancestors Home Digital Design PS - I’m also an online seller * Need some neat gift ideas? I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone:  Pictures are essential and will be edited FREE. Updating fees are variable for daily, weekly or monthly inputs and you may be assured: I'm HERE to update your Web Site as soon as I get new information Please give me a call at: (727) 398-1252 or e-mail and be on-line in less than a week! Services: * Logo Design * Custom and 'hand'-made * Web Design * Domain name registration (your URL) Search engine optimization with meta tags * Custom Web Site * Image optimization and/or color correction On-site photography Albums * Website development with Paypal * Accept credit cards and sell items from your Web site An economical e-commerce solution Credit Card Processing on Paypal's or Google’s servers No need to order a merchant account Secure SSL Checkout Everyone knows Paypal and Google * Web Site Hosting * * On-line Advertising * * Business Cards * * Posters * * Brochures, Menus * * Promo Video Creations - CUSTOM for You * Right Here Follow My Blog Story about My Father, the Ivory Carver
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